5 Inexpensive Decor Items to Transform Your Bedroom


This is the most obvious and oldest trick in the book. From staging real estate open houses to interior designers, all swear by placing plants that instantly transform your empty corners and side tables and fill them with life.

I personally like to keep artificial plants around my room, especially those on wooden furniture like side tables and on wooden floors. I would advise you to do the same to avoid spilling water on delicate furniture and thereby damaging it.

But most succulents (plants that don't require intensive care and watering) are easy to care for and you really should. Some of the best places to put plants in your room (if you don't have the space) are:

1. On shelves or even on top of your cupboards and wardrobes. (For such plants that are placed at a height, choose artificial plants because otherwise they will be SICK for water)

2. On your side table, or even your study table. (Medium sized succulents or even small plants look AWESOME when placed on a pile of books. Book+plant is a safe combination!)

3. If you have a reading chair in your room, or living room always surround it with plants. Here you can use a combination of fake and real plants to give you a fresh taste and minimize maintenance at the same time.

4. If you want to be really fancy, you can even place certain plants in your bathroom! Plants in the bathroom can provide a beautiful juxtaposition with the rest of the harsh interior tiles.

-To place real plants in the bathroom, you have to make sure that they can survive in a humid climate. Some of them are:

  1. Aloe vera
  2. Snake Plant
  3. Money Plant
  4. Orchid
  5. Bamboo

ON SIDE TABLES (stage with books)




And Console Table/Drawer

The mirror is indeed a portal to another world. Mirrors let you play with light and space, helping you to make your room look brighter, bigger, and overall a better hangout.

Another pro tip I have is to always try to pair some sort of console table when decorating with mirrors. This is especially true when you start with a blank canvas aka blank space, or renovating your old room because you can determine the space and orientation of the entire ensemble correctly.

A console table (and something like a chest of drawers) will bring depth to a room and when paired with some plants, books, and the perfect round mirror, will create a Pinterest-like space right in your bedroom.

However, apart from the beautiful round framed mirrors that hang on the wall, even full-sized mirrors, a mirror that sits sideways on the wall on the floor (and not wall-mounted) will look so attractive and elegant that you won't be able to resist clicking a few photos at a time. You walk past it.

Floor mirrors and Console table (if you're like me a desperate woodworker.) EXPENSIVE. So if you are a student like me, focus on hanging and installing round mirrors, square wooden mirrors to accentuate the beauty of any space.

You can decorate it with, yes, you guessed it, plants!

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are BEST for adding texture to a plain background. I personally prefer muted tones and neutral tones (to match the bed I'll talk about next). Also knitted and burlap-like textures work great for tying an entire room together.

However, if your furniture is muted, i.e. if the chair you are going to place is a white-beige family, then feel free to go for a really bold color.

Contrast is always beautiful to look at and so much fun to play with!

White throw with a tan backdrop

Bluish gray with a whitish backdrop


If you go to Pinterest now and search for, modern bedroom designs or chic bedroom d├ęcor, you'll probably see these lovely clean rooms with plants, mirrors, contrasting fabrics, and lovely hotel-type beds.

While changing bed frames and mattresses is a big AND expensive commitment, changing blankets and blankets and sheets and pillowcases is not.

One of the most common mistakes we make when decorating a room is not paying attention to the bed. We are often satisfied with our existing sheets and blankets, without bothering to buy new ones specifically for our own space.

To get a clean and beautiful bedroom look, it is very important to have a neutral bed color.

Cream, cream, white sheets combined with gray or light brown blankets and pillowcases instantly make your bed and indirectly your bedroom look luxurious. Feel free to add a pop of color in the form of pillows and throws.

Don't forget, it's a bedroom after all so don't forget to watch the elephants literally in the room.

(I emphasize choosing neutral colors because most of the walls people have are white or relatively shaded. If that's not true in your case, feel free to use a lighter, lighter version of your wall color or a lighter version of the color. that complements your bedroom color scheme.)

Notice the light grey comforter and white clean sheets

Notice the cream throw type blanket complimenting the white bed

You can easily find similar products on Amazon

Comparing Carpets and Pillows

After a neutral bed and plain mirrors, we needed a bit of color to bring light and joy into the room. So while throws and vibrant greenery do a great job of providing for the same, a lot of times you may not have a good enough sofa or good chair in the room to put it.

In such cases, feel free to put a throw on the bed and get a matching Pillowcase. and even if you decide not to throw it all in, you can still use a statement pillowcase.

Which pillow and what color to choose? So, while a rectangular pillow will be the same color as the bed sheet, you can add an additional square pillow of a different color to further highlight the color and richness of the neutral bed.

Like I said, contrast is our BEST friend, so accept it! You can choose shades of blue, black and white, or even olive green and black. My favorite color to pair with wood furniture, plants and overall light decor is Tan. (Though I prefer it to be used as a coating)

Hand in hand with a pillowcase is a rug. A bright, patterned rug can look great in a quiet room. However, if you feel that way with other bright components, the rug will make the room louder and stifling, it is advisable to use a textured rug and a neutral color and it will have the same effect!

Black and White pattern pillows to contrast the netural bedding

Neutral bedding complimented by solid dark blue pillows and pattern pillows

statement yellow pillows and a colourful rug below

Notice the olive green, sandy and black and white pillows, along with vibrant green plants, tied together with neutral bedding and a similar neutral colored, TEXTURED rug


Back with more tips, where to shop, and helpful guides. Hope to see you all soon :)

Reference source: 5 Inexpensive Decor Items 

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