Chandeliers - Age of This Ageless Beauty

Versailles Candle Chandelier

Versailles candlestick chandelier

A History of Chandeliers - This age of ageless beauty kecantikan

Chandeliers are associated with elegance and beauty. This home décor item can bring a touch of class to a well decorated and renovated home. Thanks to Hollywood for showing the huge chandeliers hanging from the ceilings of large luxury homes, their trend is at its peak these days. They have become so common that we can find them in almost every building. However, the chandelier concept is not very fresh.

The origin of the chandelier

This ageless beauty dates back to 1736. The world chandelier comes from the French word 'chandelle' which means candle. The first chandeliers were designed in the form of a cross suspended from the ceiling to support candles made of animal fat.

How did the chandelier become a class status?

We all know that the chandelier is a symbol of class and elegance. But the question is why? There are so many other home decor items and none of them stand close to the chandelier.

Back in the days when chandeliers were only affordable to wealthy merchants and high-class people, these home decor items used to only be found in palaces and stately homes. They are inaccessible as well as affordable to everyone which makes them a status symbol. Its effect on class and home standards is still the same.

The evolution of the chandelier

In the 17th century, the situation began to change. It was a revolutionary era for chandeliers. Craftsmen know that chandeliers have a large and expensive market. That's why bringing something new would be so rewarding. So they started adding new elements. With the use of metal, mirror pieces, crystal and many other decorative things, the chandelier began to develop.

An extra touch of beauty was added by the Italian glass maker Murano who came up with the idea of ​​a soda glass. This glass is a lightweight glass that is easy to shape. Therefore, instead of using flat glass shards, craftsmen started using these soda glasses by giving them beautiful flower and leaf shapes.

Chandelier royalty Royal

Chandeliers became popular throughout Europe before gaining worldwide popularity. These home decor items find a new home in the royal palace. In fact, whenever we see a large chandelier, the first image that comes to mind is the royal palace of England.

Modern era chandelier

The modern era chandelier has everything we can imagine. From traditional to modern designs, we can make a wide variety of chandeliers. Today, we have electric light bulbs as a source of chandelier lights that used to be candles.

There are more sophisticated and practical designs that can fit anywhere. The chandeliers in today's world still reflect the class and elegance they once were. The only difference is that they are affordable for more people. There is a chandelier for every place. In fact, today we have a bathroom chandelier. What more could we ask for?

Speaking of colors, we can find chandeliers that are all black these days. This bold yet elegant chandelier is perfect for any setting and is used in many households.

The modern chandelier is nothing but a commendable variation of the chandelier. With its minimalist and classy design, this modern chandelier is a new benchmark of beauty.

Last words

The chandelier is the definition of youthful beauty. These home decor items never fail to enhance the beauty of your home. This is the perfect time to bring home a classy chandelier that will mesmerize everyone who sees it. This beauty will make you want to stay home all day and appreciate its beauty.

Reference source : A History of Chandeliers

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