Design Trends in 2021

Home Decoration in 2021

Interior Design is a journey of self-reflection. We decorate our homes using things that suit our personal tastes. Home should be a clear reflection of the soul filled with meaningful and useful items that are part of our daily lives. It took some time after the pandemic for people to return to their normal activities. Many people are discovering in 2020 that their space is an important part of their lives. The realization that we live where we are, changes the function of the house. 2020 brings the beginning of the end of the gray and white color scheme. Personally, I couldn't be happier to see the grays go.

That leaves a question; What will come in the design? An eclectic design has been implemented. Gone are the days of cookie cutter funnel homes painted all one color with matching furniture. We see bold décor options mixed together to shape personality. One of the most important themes in decorating is nature. Natural materials, plants, things that remind us of the outdoors are very popular. Let's explore today's decorating trends together and see what the future of design has to offer.

Green Kitchen

Sherwin Williams/Pottery Barn

Go Green

This year Pantone chose a color they called "Ultimate Grey". Personally I think they missed the boat. If you haven't read my article on the color gray, I'll sum it up; your eyes don't see gray and gray is a sad color. A few years ago, Pantone used evergreen as one of the colors of the year. The current trend is to paint your kitchen cabinets green. As you can see from the Sherwin Williams- Pottery Barn commercial, the white and gray counter still plays. Most green kitchens are trending as a darker shade of green than this kitchen. We see this switch to color-painted cabinets from drab gray cabinets. The drive to personalize spaces brings people out of their decorating shells. Paint your cabinets in the colors you love and they will always be in style for you.

"Be true to your own tastes, because nothing you really like ever goes out of style."

— Billy Baldwin

Webbing Makes Back

Office Decor Courtesy of Amazon

The Revival of Woven/Rattan Furniture

In the United States the use of rattan furniture began in 1850. Most often thought of as patio furniture, we now see rattan back in the home as an accent furniture piece. Everything from shelving to wicker sofas is trending in this eclectic room that mixes furniture styles. Wicker is also an eco-friendly choice of furniture made from renewable materials. It is not surprising that we are seeing a wicker revival. Woven has an earthy textile vibe that appeals to people. The down side is that webbing is impractical in all climates. In drying climates, the webbing becomes brittle and falls apart.

"There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a slice of the future."

— Charlotte Moss Mo

Black is the New Black

Apartment Therapy

Black Wall

I said "Black is the New Black". People have embraced the first neutral as a wall color. This trend created a lot of visual drama in homes across the United States. People have strong love or hate reactions to black walls. Environmentally, I can see the downside of turning your house into a bat cave. That said, rooms with lots of natural light seem to handle black paint. Black goes well with anything so you can play with creative color contrasts in a space. When you choose black wall lighting is the key because black will not reflect light or lighting. One final caveat, black shows dust more than any other color.

"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them."

— David Hicks

White Out or In?


White bathroom

My mom used to say "you can't clean in a dirty bathroom". If your bathroom is all white then you can definitely tell when the bathroom is dirty. Spa like bathrooms are trending. Who can go wrong with a timeless white tile bathroom? People mix and match neutral black and white tiles in their bathrooms. I'm a conservative when it comes to it being expensive and time consuming to replace decor items like tiles. Choose something you like. Trends are great, but if they're not your style, they'll catch on to you faster.

Modern stand-alone bathtubs are also trending. The great grandson of the claw foot tub, this stand-alone tub is usually a compliment to a walk in the bathroom. The reason people stopped using claw soot tubs was that at that time claw foot tubs were used as bath combinations. If you've ever tried using a claw foot bath, you know that curtain situations are a nightmare. Now this tub is just a tub, they're making a comeback.

A quick note about the Jacuzzi tub being replaced. I know everyone wants a Jacuzzi tub in there for a while. I will admit that I rarely use my Jacuzzi tub. You'll need to clean the jets every few months to keep mold from building up in the lines. The bubbles cool the water so if you want the water to stay hot you have to start with really hot water. I don't change my bathtub just because I don't see myself using a stand alone tub anymore instead of a Jacuzzi tub so there's no point in spending that money. It is helpful to have a Jacuzzi tub if you have certain health conditions.

The walk in shower is the most practical design option since indoor plumbing. The choice of titles for walk in bathrooms is so diverse that anyone can find a tile that they like. After walking around the bathroom for a while, I'll tell you that the less grout the better. Choose the largest tile you can find. Life is too short to spend four hours cleaning grout. Plus, walking in the shower is life changing. Saying that I didn't miss climbing the tub wall to take a shower is an understatement.

Molding details

Welsh design studio

Prints on the Wall

If you've been following my articles on design, you'll know when this trend started. There was a designer who used this lattice pattern on the walls in a marine themed dining room in 2018. It took off and now we see this wall treatment everywhere. Using wood or moldings on the walls is not a new concept. There was a time when houses were built with luxurious moldings in the common (living) areas and the private areas were plain. Today we use these printed details as a form of self-expression. Everything from geometric patterns to several free-form designs popped up as wall details. In this example we also see a black wall appear. You are only limited by budget because, there are videos online on how to do this wall technique. Although it is time consuming, it is not difficult. I have to say this is much better than a wood accent wall and easier to replace if you get bored.

Welcome to the Jungle

Milton and King

It's Gonna Be Wild!

The choice of thick wallpaper has been popular for several years. This Milton & King cheetah wallpaper is trending at the top of Pinterest for 2021. This bold wild jungle print is on the rise. The bigger the mold the better. This is not surprising as this print goes well with extreme neutrals like black walls. Also bold wallpapers create a mood that can't be created with paint alone. It is a personal choice and commitment when you choose a wallpaper. In this design it is a "you only live once" situation. Again it's about choosing something you like.

Live Plants from Your Home!


House plants

You can't open a magazine now without finding a "how-to" article about houseplants. People even get into "rare" house plants. Little home people turn the dividing wall into a garden. If you have a green thumb, or can read care instructions then caring for house plants may be for you. Plants carry our connection to the earth indoors. Good house plants liven up a room in a way that artificial plants never could. To be a good houseplant owner you must know yourself. If you're neglectful, maybe looking for something low-maintenance like a succulent or cactus is a better choice.

Not so Honorable Mention

There are several other things that are trending in design. Some are DIY and others are DIY disasters.

Here's the list:

1. Extreme front door color and style.

2. Sliding wall patio doors. (it's expensive and while it might be a great new construction option, I'm not sure people will pay for this $5-10k upgrade)

3. Built in bookshelf. They are everywhere from study rooms to living rooms.

4. Smart home. This happened. My son has had his home smartly rigged for years. Sometimes when we are there we will say "Hey google good night" just to mess with it because google then turns off all the lights.

5. Painting the old floor. Any paint that will stay on the bathroom floor will be toxic. Your home is an investment. Save and get a new floor.

6. Equipment front cabinet. People disguise refrigerators to look like cupboards.

Lastly, certain designers have predicted pastel color palettes for the coming year. While some people are not ready for bold colors, people are getting bolder when it comes to design. The pastels are too Martha Stewart in the '90s. People want things that are new and different. Who can blame them, it's been a tough year! I hope all your decorating choices bring you joy for years to come. Happy decorating!

Reference source : Design tren 2021

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